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I've heard the rumours, nobody comes out the same...

Version 3: Stripes

11/4/05 08:06 pm - Better late than never!!

the_imaginator's Halloween party:

____heylover dressed as Dave Chappelle's aunt.
____stefanie dressed as Steven Spielberg.
aluminumshoe dressed as Mace Windu.
blueanihilation dressed as a character from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Denver.
bribaby21 dressed as Mr. Spock from "Star Trek".
crushtheheart dressed as a giraffe.
daisyrockets dressed as the main character of "Amélie".
deathincmajor dressed as a wild justice.
defalcon dressed as someone who just had sex (and probably just did, too).
dyinginavan dressed as a hungry skeleton.
etrina dressed as a camel.
frodofucker dressed as a assistant bug terminator, though it looked more like a pitcher for the Indians.
gokuchan dressed as a noose.
gu1tar_girl dressed as Bob Dylan.
hallofmirrors_ dressed as a Care Bear.
hannah_chickpee dressed as Beavis.
iamnirvana dressed as the Sedated Power Ranger.
iamshannonduh dressed as your aunt.
imtinytina dressed as a bottle of Topantifere.
junkyard_yay dressed as a catcher for the Cubs.
kimiki222 dressed as a ratio.
laiquendai dressed as a skeleton.
lollette dressed as Grover Cleveland.
mumsy_moo dressed as Martha Stewart.
platipuses dressed as Ashlee Simpson.
ravengrae dressed as a new member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Smiling Ambassador.
ssaggezzaa dressed as a WZT Attorneys at LawCo. employee.
stillpullingup dressed as Shania Twain riding a cat.
telleabelle dressed as a disturbing self-made character called "Lumpy Burgersquirt".
theowned dressed as the President of Bulgaria.
ubercookie dressed as a skeleton.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
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lmao Mellie. I should really clean my flist though..

4/1/05 03:52 pm

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Your Grandpa Isgokuchan
The Family Petubercookie
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We should have a family reunion XD

3/24/05 03:31 pm - Swiped from Hannah

98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, copy & paste this into your journal.


11/19/04 09:14 pm

Ahhhh my mouth!

9/22/04 04:35 pm



9/19/04 06:35 pm - Celebration Beat

So the Beat is over!! It was pretty fun. The concert itself was better last night, but I had more fun on Friday because Georgia was there. On Saturday night (last night) I was stuck with Oliver and Clint, who have THE sickest minds on EARTH.

Seriously. It was frigging FERAL what they were talking about/trying to involve me in.

The hosts and the scripts though, were INCREDIBLY LAME. Lame lame lame lame LAME!

Example: After the choir sang Everything's Coming Up Roses (this really annoying song that is always stuck in my head now), the male host, Jeremy (found this amusing) said to his co-host, Thea..

"And they're right, everything is coming up roses!!"

Thea replies "what do you mean?"

He says "well, they sing everything's coming up roses, and here you are, a lovely rosebud up on stage!!!"

BAH!! CORNY!! Then when Thea was introducing dancers dancing to I like the Way you Move:

"I like the way you move-"
"Why thankyou!!"
"No... I like the way you move by-"
"Do you want me to do it again?" (dancing)
"No, by blah blah blah..."

GOD! Everyone in the pit was about ready to strangle these people. They didn't even learn their scripts properly, jeez.

Eun Ju and I had fun harassing the choir during intervals. The band wasn't allowed to leave their dressing room. Said dressing room had the only bathroom for the choir.

So guess who was coming through in groups to use the bathroom!?

Um, the choir.

But it was fun picking on them.

We had people over for lunch today, my dad's friend Trevor and his family. His daughter Stephanie is 6 and SOOO cute. They brought their just-out-of-hospital identical twin girls. Meep!!

Anyways, am going now. I need to update my website soon, hehe.

<3 An

9/6/04 04:28 pm

Okay kiddies!!!

Bow down to the greatness that is my new journal!! C'mon, you know you love it. :p It took a while to draw the stripes for the background though.

All I need now is some new icons and I'm all set. w00t!!

8/22/04 02:57 pm

Okay, had a v. extremely week.

In Science we cut open chicken wings and played around with the muscles so they danced around and stuff. It was pretty cool. But something just plain gross was when my teacher brought us pig's lungs, heart, kidney and windpipe, covered in blood, from the slaughter house.

It was soooo disgusting. Covered in bloody and all this gross crap. My friend cut a bit of the heart and got blood spurted all over the place.
People kept stepping outside to take a breath of fresh air, since they were ready to pass out from the smell, myself included.

Got back from a sleepover today, at which we watched pirated Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban and Shrek 2. Surprisingly good quality, unlike the DVD's I've seen with people's heads at the bottom, or where the camera turns sideways suddenly.

PoA depressed me a bit... I thought it could have been a lot better. It cut scenes really quickly, as in they were all so SHORT. And cause it was pirated, it looked like raw footage. Shrek 2 was really funny.

Wrote a really weird short story. 0.o

Oh yeah, found the freakiest thing ever. This is from mugglenet.com:

In St. Mungo’s, when they are going to visit Mr. Weasley- 'They climbed a flight of stairs and entered the "Creature-Induced Injuries" corridor, where the second door on the right bore the words 'DANGEROUS' DAI LLEWELLYN WARD: SERIOUS BITES.' If you put these words on a sign, they would read

Creature-Induced Injuries
Dai Llewellyn Ward
Serious Bites

Take the first word of each of these and what do you get get? Creature Dangerous Dai Serious? No - Kreacher dangerous, Die Sirius...


8/10/04 07:24 pm - Spacestation

So the International Whatsim-thingie Spacestation was supposed to pass over Darwin tonight.

Out go my mum and I, all excited to see the space station. And yup, it doesn't disappoint! Three lights, blinking and going across the sky at 7:15 (it was supposed to come between 7:15-7:18, probably 7:18).

We stood and marvelled at it's incredible speed. Seriously, it was really fast. So then I went inside and was all yeah well, I'll have a shower now, it's over.

So there I am, in the shower when my dad knocks on the door.

"It's 7:15 (by his watch) now, come see the space station!!"
"Oh I've already seen it?"
"You have?"
"What did it look like?"
"It had three lights, moved really fast and it blinked."
"It blinked? Three lights?"

So he goes and I'm showering and almost done, and then I hear:

I thought "wtf?!!?!" and grabbed my towel and raced out onto the driveway. And I see this dot, moving (much slower then the previous station) going across the sky.
Turns out, what we originally thought was the space station (and what we were all oo-ing and aa-ing over) was an... can you guess it?

It was an airoplane.

My dad figured it out cause it had three lights and it as BLINKING. And it came right on time. 7:18. What they thought that it would probably come out.

And there we were, standing on the driveway, me in my TOWEL and then a car comes past.

So I had to go hide.

8/7/04 10:52 pm

Went shopping today. Bought:

- A pair of ear plugs (my old ones, bought for the sole purpose to allow me to sleep in without that damn next door parrot waking me up, have gone all weird. They don't squish well anymore, always fall out and I lost one due to this.)

- Brownie mix. I dunno when my mum and I are gonna ever have time to make brownies, but whatever.

- Hairties! Yay! A girl can never have too many. And these ones are STRIPY. I mean, c'mon!!! STRIPY!!

- A new top. It's black with pink stars and stuff on it (be proud Mellie, it's black!! I own a total of three pieces of black clothing, and I don't hardly ever wear any of them). As I was saying, it's pink and black and it's a sorta t-shirt and it says Bubblegum somewhere on it...

<3 An
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